What Is Ticker Tape?

This picture shows how they “made it rain” back in the day.

?What’s going on in this pic is known as a ticker tape parade.?

It started back in 1886, when the Statue of Liberty was first being dedicated in NYC.

 Employees in the buildings up and down Broadway were so excited that they spontaneously threw ticker tape out the windows during a parade.

 And the tradition stuck.

 Ticker tape was THE analysis tool in the financial markets for almost 100 years.

 Way before the digital age, stock transactions and their prices were transmitted via telegraph, and printed continuously on long “tape-like” rolls of paper.

 But ticker tape also included another CRUCIAL piece of information…


 Understanding volume and what it tells you, is an absolutely pivotal part of what we’ll be discussing in the US30 Academy.

 When you have a working knowledge of volume, you’ll soon see that it’s like the market secrets are right there…

 Hidden in plain sight.

 So what we need to do, in a sense, is go back in time…

 Back to when volume was intrinsic to trading strategy.

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