Michael Edwards

Hello, I am Michael Edwards I am currently a trader, mentor, and educator. Started my professional career out in the Banking/Finance field for 10 years where I earned my security license 6, 63 and life and health. I discovered a love for the markets and investing helping people earn additional incomes and invest for their goals and futures. After 10 years the corporate lifestyle was no longer for me, so I stepped out on faith to become an entrepreneur. I owned several businesses before I found this forex thing from a friend inviting me to his downline of a MLM company. That did not last long I did not get the education or support I needed. But at the same time Courtney Logan started the Powerhouse Group on Facebook I do not who asked me to join but I thank them for inviting me. Since joining the powerhouse in 2018 I have been growing and continuing to educate myself, gaining certification from the London institute of banking & finance in trading & financial market analysis. My passion it to helping people I always say impact over income. Help people reach their goals and become financial free, along with hustling for my last name giving my children the advantage in life I was not afford.

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