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The US30King


RFX founder Courtney R. Logan was not born with any silver spoon.

Born & raised in East St. Louis, IL, one of the most violent and drug-infested cities in the U.S., he devoted his life to overcoming his environment.


  • Graduate Law School

    Quickly became an Associate Attorney, Assistant Special State Attorney, Adjunct Law Professor, and City Manager, all by the age of 30. ​

  • Power House Group

    Built the now-famous Power House Group NFP Facebook Group A completely free online resource for no-nonsense Forex training and member collaboration Grew the Power House from 0 to over 30,000 members in less than 1 year

  • US30 King

    Officially became the US30 King after demonstrating an uncanny understanding of this volatile index (including his now-famous 18,000 pip prediction that happened like clockwork)

rfx professor us30king.png
  • Certified in London

    Officially certified by the London Institute of Banking & Finance with a degree in Trading & Financial Market Analysis.

  • Passion for Forex

    After discovering a passion for the forex market, Courtney pursued full-time trading, leaving behind:

  • An offer to become a judge

  • A $250,000 salary as VP of Government Relations & Chief Legal Counsel

Live Class

  • He was able to fully replace his salary through trading

The RFX Academy is his crowning achievement in giving everyday people the support they need to become successful traders.

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